Our current pickup location is at 580 Tallassee Rd. Athens, GA 30606, across the street from the Waseca Learning Environment and the Greater Athens Church of God.

Before you order, please read the most recent weblog entry to see how things have changed here in the age of COVID-19. Details you may find elsewhere on the site (such as pickup location, times, payment accepted, and other important details) are superseded by whatever is in the weblog.

We take orders all day Monday and Tuesday until 8pm.

If you have any problems with this site, please contact Eric at eric@locallygrown.net.

Be sure you understand who we are and how we work before you create an account and place an order!

Ordering has been temporarily disabled. We only take orders on Mondays (all day long) and Tuesdays (until 8pm), so please return then to order. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one here.

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Mixed Flower Bouquet
Grower: R&R Secret Farm
Price: $16.00 ( 1 bouquet )
Available (Exact): 8

A beautiful mix of seasonal fresh cut flowers from a variety of available blooms all grown on our farm. Our ... more
Grower: Lazy Willow Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 4

A mix of muscadines and scuppernongs. Edible, crunchy skin. Very sweet and juicy and quite large. They do contain seeds. more
Mushrooms - Oyster
Grower: Hearts of Harvest Farm
Price: $10.00 ( 1/2 # )
Available (Estimated): 0

We have Grey Dove Oyster Mushrooms that are grown indoors on our organic fruiting blocks. These mushrooms are delicious raw, ... more
Okra - Clemson Spineless
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $2.50 ( 1/2 lb. )
Available (Estimated): 7

A traditional favorite, picked young and tender. All okra is high in Amino acids. more
Okra - Clemson Spineless
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $2.25 ( 1/2 pound )
Available (Exact): 6

If the okra is ready, I know its summertime. Delicious young okra pods, first of the season. 12-15 pods per ... more
Okra - Clemson Spineless - 1 lb.
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $4.50 ( 1 lb. )
Available (Estimated): 0
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Traditional favorite. Excellent fried or grilled. Okra is high in amino acids. more
Okra - Clemson Spineless - Large Bag
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $4.00 ( pound )
Available (Exact): 0

If the okra is ready, I know its summertime. Delicious young okra pods, first of the season. 25-30 pods per ... more
Oregano - Greek - Fresh
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 2 oz. )
Available (Estimated): 2

Excellent fresh on salads. Dried, it's wonderful on homemade pizza or in any casserole.
Oscar Bites- Pudgie Balls Dog Treats
Grower: Bloom/Oscar Bites Dog Treats
Price: $7.00 ( 6 oz box )
Available (Exact): 5

Our Best Seller!!! Now your dog can enjoy their version of the chocolate chip cookie....using carob instead of chocolate of ... more
Pastry Box, Mixed
Grower: The Comerian
Price: $18.00 ( 1/2 dozen )
Available (Exact): 20

a mix of sweet and savory pastries, a total of six in a nice box. Bakers choice.