The Pastures of Rose Creek


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About Us.
The Pastures of Rose Creek is a 4th generation family farm, with it’s roots as the Breedlove Dairy Farm. Today we are in our 4th year operating primarily as a grass fed beef farm. We raise two varieties of beef cows: a Limousine-Angus cross, and an exclusive Northern Italian heritage breed, known as Piedmontese – both chosen for their propensities to grass finishing.

All of our cows range over 345 acres of beautiful property with sprawling pastures, ponds, and the creek for which the farm bears it’s name – Rose Creek. It is the way cattle were meant to be raised – with respect and without the use of harmful chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones…from birth to finish.

About Our Cows.
From the Piedmont of Italy to the Piedmont of Georgia…The Piedmontese breed is a rarity beyond the gently rolling hills of the Italian Piedmont. It is there that a small association of farmers maintain tight control over what may be the “most unique gene pool of any breed of cattle in the world.”

The purity of its line can be traced back 25,000 years to the late stone age. In the 1870’s a naturally occurring “double muscling” trait was observed – a trait that is unique to the Piedmontese breed. The result? Beef containing less cholesterol and fat than poultry while preserving unsurpassed tenderness and flavor. In fact, the American Heart Association considers Piedmontese a heart healthy red meat.

Today the Piedmontese population is at 15,000 – totaling less than 1% of all cattle in the U.S. We are one of the only Piedmontese Beef farmers in the South. Our Piedmontese beeves are sired by our magnificent and gentle bull- “Al.” He is a purebred Piedmontese bred to “moms” of various breeds.

We choose to crossbreed in order to tailor our beef for superior qualities. The “double muscling” gene, however, is dominant and is the influencing trait in our Piedmontese beef. It some of the most healthy, tender, & succulent beef you’ll find!

We sell our Piedmontese Beef through Athens Locally Grown, The Grant Park Farmers Market and The Athens Farmers Market (April-November). You can also find it on the menu at Heirloom Cafe!

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