Covenant Valley Farm

Website: covenantvalleyfarmandgifts.com

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Covenant Valley Farms is a family-owned and operated venture that began in 2009. At Covenant Valley Farms we believe in “Bringing Nature Back to the Farm” and aim to provide our customers with high-quality, natural products. We currently offer Certified Naturally Grown honey, which our bees produce without the aid of chemicals or antibiotics. In addition to our CNG honey,we offer handcrafted Georgia honey butter and Pecan honey butter as well as USDA grass-fed Angus beef. Alongside our completely pure and natural honey, we offer several other beeswax products, including lip balms and candles. We strive to manage our lands in a manner which creates a healthy environment that benefits our bees, poultry, cattle, and soil together as a whole. In recognizing our responsibility to care for God’s blessings, each of our animals is treated humanely and without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

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