The Buhrs & the Bees

We are two people who purchased a subdivision Oconee County lot in 1987. We both love gardening and growing, so over the last 30 years have created a mish mash of garden areas. We used to have a huge vegetable garden, and several years ago we noticed the productivity dropping off. The soil is wonderful (Jeff is a poultry scientist and the soil has been well fortified with natural material), we attributed the drop off to pollinators. While vacationing we saw a beautiful apiary in a garden and decided we would like to raise bees. We now have 7 hives, 5 of them very well established. We have an overflow supply of honey, and got interested in Athens Locally Grown at the suggestion of a friend who used to sell her honey through ALG.
A few years ago we had to give up the big vegetable garden. It is now a holding area for iris and day lilies. We have a much smaller vegetable garden that feeds us and sometimes neighbors. We have always had a small but plentiful herb garden. When we first moved to Athens we decided to plant about half a dozen blueberry plants, and have continued to add to them. Now there are about 30. Years ago we saw kiwi vines while picking up tomatoes in a nursery, and now we reap a large harvest every year. We have 2 female, 1 male kiwi vines. I would like to offer blueberries and kiwis as well as honey through the market.
In 2019 I planted loofas for the first time, to hide a bare dry spot on a hill. I saw them at the UGArden spring herb sale and decided to try them. Also in 2019 we harvested our first pineapple guavas. Just a small amount but fun. I got the Pineapple Guava plants at the botanical garden spring sale probably 10 years ago, just because they were different. I have no way to know if this harvest will grow or if 2019 will be a one and only. I do plan to plant loofas again this year, and would expect to have sponges available at the end of 2020.
We are 2 people who are lucky to be able to tend bees and plants. We will be happy to answer any questions. Let us know what information you would like.

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