World Shepherd


World Shepherd Project is a vision, a work in progress, and a dream. We are a working family farm, raising sheep in the Piedmont region of Georgia

We produce healthy, tasty, high-quality protein on the least amount of human consumable grain possible. Grass fed meats are full of health.This lamb is farmed in Oconee County, Georgia. The ewes are lambed outdoors. They are never confined. They are never feedlotted. They are free of any antibiotic use.

The quality of the meat is outstanding. Why? We produce hairsheep from a breed that has no wool. They are adapted to the tropics and because they have no wool, the production of lanolin in the skin is markedly reduced. It is the production of lanolin that nourishes the wool that gives wool sheep an off flavor when the animal attains a certain age. This is how mutton is differentiated from lamb. Our lamb is the finest lamb that can be found. Young lambs from a flock of hairsheep.

Locally produced by a family farm.

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