Green Acres Farm

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Leo Workman. My wife(May) and I own and operate Green Acres Farm. Green Acres Farm is a small sustainable farm located in Hart county about 45 miles NE of Athens. We currently have 41 acres with about 3 acres of vegetable and fruits.
Both of us grew up on farms but went away to work in the corporate world. We were able to take early retirement in 2003 and started growing vegetables and fruits to sell instead of giving them away.
We fertilize using compost and mulch with shredded leaves and spoiled hay.
To improve the soil we covercrop in summer with buckwheat and iron&clay peas. Winter covercrops are rye, ryegrass, hairy vetch and crimson clover which is turned under in the spring. We also plant the clovers and buckwheat for our honey bees.
As a general rule we do not use pesticides unless we have a severe infestation. Then we only use pryethrin or neem oil.
Because we do all the growing and packing ourselves, the only people handling your purchases will be myself or May.
Our goal is to provide quality natural grown products at a reasonable price.

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