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Plants just make the world a better place! We love growing a nice mixture of them to enjoy throughout the year. We specialize in festive herbs such as chocolate mint, pineapple sage and rosemary just to name a few. We like hydrangeas and foxgloves so much, we keep those around too. Trailing vines are always good for covering up the “not so pretty” areas and moonflowers and morning glorys make a a great combination.

Each year we try out plants that are new to our gardens just for fun. I really enjoyed the cornflowers and gomphrenas we planted last year. Keep watching our list to see the plants we choose to grow this coming season!

We are also the home of the famous “Oscar Bites”. These all natural doggy treats are available in different flavors, with the peanut butter/oatmeal/honey being the most popular.

I know we have a treat your dog will love!

Oscar donates 10% from the sale of each bag of Oscar Bites to Athens Canine Rescue.

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