Songbird Designs


We are a small family owned business established in 1999. We offer a variety of natural body care products. Treat yourself to our handmade, hand cut soaps. They are made with only the finest quality oils and only pure essential oils. These oils are added to ensure your body gets the beneficial properties it needs and deserves.

Among our other products, we also make and carry Body Oils, Sachets, Spirit Spritz, Lavender Roll-Ons, Soy and Beeswax Pillar Candles as well as Gift Sets for those special occasions. Songbird Soaps began as a desire to provide natural products to family and friends, in response to mass-produced products that contain hidden or unhealthy ingredients, such as chemicals, detergents, petroleum, additives and preservatives that tend to have negative long-term effects on the human body. The mission of Songbird Soaps is to provide quality products that are beneficial to the human body and to provide you with healthy alternatives to mass-produced products. It is the belief of Songbird that competition is the means thru which to improve the quality and long-term overall benefits of the health product industry. We strive to make the finest of soaps, candles and body care products.

Songbird Soaps are found throughout the south and growing. Feel free to contact us regarding questions, comments or special orders. Blessing to you and Enjoy!

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