Beehaven Bees

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Beehaven Apiary is located in northern Madison County. We have been keeping bees for over 12 years learning more and more from them every year. They provide us with their honey, and beeswax.
Our honey is filtered only, never processed. We plant for the bees in every season growing blueberries, and blackberries plus many early and late blooming plant varieties. However in every case the bees end up deciding where they forage. We are fortunate as the apiary is surrounded by over 600 acres of undeveloped woods and fields which produce wildflowers, Tulip Poplars, Oaks, Maples, Sourwoods native flowering trees and shrubs. We’re pretty sure this is where the bees end up most of the time. The honey they produce is a combination of all of the diverse plant environment. We hope you enjoy it!

While honey is the most popular product of the hive, beeswax is the most biologically expensive for the bees who require approximately 8.6 pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax. We use a radial extractor to obtain honey which does not destroy the existing drawn honeycomb,and allows us to return the frames of drawn comb to the hives. Honey is filtered only, never processed.

Our candles are made from local wax, (ours and two beekeeper buddies). We make many of the molds here at the farm, and have indicated the original ones on each market page. For questions about our honey, candles or other products contact Kathryn at 706-207-3817.

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