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New Market in Athens & Yesterday's Confusion

This special email is about two unrelated topics, but I didn’t want to wait until Sunday to get them out there.

First, as many of you know, the Saturday farmers market is relocating and changing names, and is having its grand opening tomorrow. The Athens Farmers Market: Local & Sustainable is a great thing for Athens, but I didn’t realize until yesterday that there’s a lot of confusion out there. That market is not Athens Locally Grown. We are not moving from Thursday to Saturday, nor are we moving from Gosford Wine to Bishop Park. (We will likely be moving sometime in the near future, but that’s totally unrelated.) There are a number of things in common between the new farmers market and Athens Locally Grown. A number of farmers will be selling at both markets, and the standards to sell are the same. However, they are two totally separate markets.

Second, there was some confusion on our part yesterday. The rain made things more difficult than usual for our volunteer workers, and we had several things left over at the end of the day that some of you should have received. I’ve gone through and given refunds to everything that was charged for but not delivered. There were a few unlabeled things that we have no idea who they should have gone to (I’m trying to get all of the growers to conform to the packing and labeling standards we have, but it’s been a hard battle), so if you realize that something was missing from your order that you paid for, and you haven’t yet received an email from me with a refund, please let me know.