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Availability for August 14

I mentioned a few weeks ago that mid-August brings along with its heat a reduction in all of our veggies except okra, which thrives. Right on schedule, we now have an abundance of okra. We also have many other items, as the growers have been doing everything in their power to coax their tomato vines, bean bushes, corn stalks, squash hills, and other plants producing just a little while longer. It’s a tough fight, and the drought hasn’t made things any easier. And on top of all that, now is the time for the growers to begin planting their fall crops. Many of these plants hate heat above all else, yet the growers have to get the seeds to germinate and then the seedlings strong enough to begin producing when the cooler days arrive. Some of the growers achieve this be planting everything indoors in the shade and then transplanting them at the last possible moment. Others direct seed right in the ground but try to keep things cool with shade cloth, near constant slow irrigation, and plenty of mulch. It’s hard work, but once the heat is behind us we’re all rewarded with the fruits of fall. And despite the extra effort at the beginning, fall is my favorite season to garden here in North Georgia.

Last week was the first week of school, and just like years past, there were an unusual amount of no-shows. Remember that I have to charge you anyway, even if you don’t come to pick up what you’ve ordered, since I’ve by then already paid the growers on your behalf. I do make reminder calls to everyone who hasn’t arrived by 7:30, using the number you added to your account. Most of the time, I get answering machines, and that doesn’t do either of us any good. If you have a cell phone, use that number so I’ll have a better chance of reaching you. You can set your phone number (and change other account info) on the “Your Account” page of the site.

Also last week we had at least two people show up to pick up orders they hadn’t fully placed. Adding items to your shopping cart does not place your order. You have to “check out” by clicking the link in your shopping cart and confirming the order. Just like at the grocery store, items in your cart aren’t yours until you go through the checkout. Unlike the grocery store, you don’t have to wait in line. When you check out, you’ll get an immediate email confirming your order. You’ll also see your order in your order history, also on the “Your Account” page. If you didn’t get an email and there are still items in your cart, then you haven’t checked out and we won’t have anything waiting for you on Thursday.

Finally, remember that our next Farmer for a Day event is in two weeks at Cedar Grove Farm. This was one of the most popular tours last year, and we’re happy to be going there again this year. If you’d like to participate, it is free but we’ll need you to make reservations. You can do so along with your order. Just look in the “Event Reservations” category fro more information.

Thanks for all your support! We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at the old state farmers market on Broad Street.