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Availability for June 26

We’re moving this week!

Yes, this is the week that we’re moving over to the old state farmers market building on Broad Street. I’ll be sending out a separate email in the morning with directions, so you can save it, flag it, or bookmark it separate from this message. I’ve already changed the website, put up a map to the new place, and updated the automated emails. It’s literally only 1000 feet as the crow flies from where we’ve been, so you’ll not have any trouble getting there.

There probably won’t be any major problems, but the different setup will likely be a little disruptive to our process, so please bear with us the first few weeks as we adapt. The biggest thing you’ll notice (besides the plentiful parking) is all of the produce will be right out in front of you instead of tucked away out back. We’ll still have a whole crew of volunteers getting it all together for you, so you won’t have to do that yourself, but you’ll now be able to see them do it. Apart from the location, everything else (such as our hours) will remain the same.

There’s a few announcements from our growers this week:

  • Gloria and Winifred Lohr, owners of Diamond Hill Dairy, have retired and sold their dairy to another small dairy in their neighborhood. The new owners have changed the name to “Cows R Us” dairy and are committed to keeping the operation otherwise exactly the same. It’s still a small family operation, but the new owners now have two dairies—one raw and the other pasteurized. We’ll continue picking up every other week at the raw dairy, alternating with Milky Way dairy.
  • New member grower Dewy Rose Boers and Beef has a hog ready for processing. They are not set up now to offer cuts, but if you have freezer space, you can buy a half or whole hog. You can find more info on their grower page.
  • If you’re looking for live animals as farmyard pets, Fancy Feathers Farm has several available, including Aurucana roosters, pygmy goats, and emus. You can find more info on their grower page.

The days are only going to get shorter from here, but the calendar says summer is now here. You’ll find tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers, and even a few eggplant listed this week. The berries, both blue and black, have also arrived, and there are even some plums listed. Everyone is suffering from lack of rain (the first two plantings of corn were largely a bust), but they’re all doing what they can to keep going.

We all thank you for your growing support of everything we have growing. We’ll see you this Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at our new location: the old state farmers market building located at 2152 W. Broad Street (right next to KFC).