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Availability for May 29

I’m not sure which to trumpet the loudest: the often asked for but never to be found fava beans (50 lbs listed this week) or the year’s first slicing tomatoes (25lbs from Michael McMullan’s greenhouse). If neither of those grab you, maybe you’ll find some personal favorites listed among the 400 other products appearing this week. Now that the temps are hitting the 90s, some of these items will be on their way out, so it may be the last chance for a few things (like strawberries).

I did get an overwhelming response regarding the possible move to the old farmers market building on Broad Street. Several hundred of you wrote with your enthusiastic thumbs up, including stories of shopping there as children, horror stories about parking in Alps, and so forth. Not a soul said they’d rather stay where we are, so I’ll be meeting with the powers that be this week about making the move as soon as possible. It wouldn’t be until mid to late June at the earliest, so we’ll have a few more weeks at Gosford yet. I’ll be sure to give you all the details as I learn them.

Our first “Farmer For a Day” event is this coming Saturday. Nature’s Harmony Farm in Elberton will be hosting us, as we spend a couple hours doing light farm chores (it’s astounding how much help fifty unskilled hands can be for a grower, even for only two hours), have lunch on the farm, and then get a full tour. If you’d like to join us, just add the appropriate number of reservations to your order (you’ll find them in the “Event Reservations” category). The event is free. If you put a deposit on a Thanksgiving turkey from Nature’s Harmony, you’ll get to spot it running around the pasture.

That’s about it for this week. We all thank you very much for your continued and growing support of your local growers! We’ll see you Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine!