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A Potential New Location?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have sadly outgrown out location at Gosford Wine. I say sadly, because I absolutely love being there, and everyone at Gosford has been so nice to us. However, as nice as everything is inside the store, out back all of your produce is exposed to the elements. One good storm coming through at the right time would be a disaster, and even a light rain makes things difficult.

I put out feelers for a new location, and I appreciate all the effort you all have put into it as well. There’s a place that looks like it’ll work, and I wanted to run it by you.

The Department of Agriculture and the city of Athens have been looking for a use for the old state farmers market building on Broad for some time, and have decided that keeping $40,000 or so of food dollars a month in Athens qualifies. If you’re not familiar with the place, it’s the large pavilion structure on Broad Street right next to KFC, across from the entrance to St. Mary’s Hospital.

There’s plenty of parking, more than enough space to spread out and set up under the roof, and it’s still central to everyone. If we move, it wouldn’t be for several weeks, and you can be sure I’ll be announcing it from the rooftops so that everyone knows. I do want to know this from you, though:

Would moving from Gosford to the old farmers market building on Broad make it less likely that you’d order from Athens Locally Grown? Would you absolutely stop ordering? Does it seem like a better location to you?

Please let me know, or let any of the volunteers on Thursday know what your thoughts are!

Thanks, and we’ll see you on Thursday.