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Availability for December 6

It’s another big week for our market, with nearly 300 products available from our growers. At first glance I didn’t see any new veggies listed, but most everything we’ve had the past few weeks is available again now.

There are several holiday-themed items listed, including farm-made wreaths, mistletoe, note cards, soap sets, etc. And of course Locally Grown gift certificates make nice gifts, too :)

I mentioned Athens Locally Crafted last week. They’re using the same software system we’ve developed for Athens Locally Grown and are using it for a wide variety of local artisans to market their products. Several of you asked if that meant we were going to make the people who sold non-food items through this market leave, and no, we’re not. But while the crafts sold through here have some tie back to the farm (by using locally grown botanicals or made by the same people who grow your food), this new market has a much broader base of artisans. They’ll start taking their first orders today (Monday), and there are already 136 items listed.

There are a few items not listed this week, most notably shelled pecans, that ought to be returning soon. The Georgia Department of Agriculture is currently taking a close look at everyone selling through our market (as GA law directs them to do). The current set of rules are often open to interpretation, and it’s not unheard of for one inspector to approve something only to be told later that someone else said no. It’s not just Georgia—you hear the same stories everywhere you go. Anyway, Athens Locally Grown has grown to become one of the largest farmers markets in the state, so its not surprising we’re receiving some extra scrutiny.

Thanks for all of your support! We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine.