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Availability for November 15

Here it is the week before Thanksgiving, and despite the lack of rain, our growers have much to be thankful for. All in all, it’s been a good season. As bad as the Easter freeze was (and it was very bad, especially for our fruit growers), there was still time to replant the summer vegetable crops. Even with no rain, the sustainable methods our growers use made the most of the water the plants did get. Interest and demand for local sustainably grown foods has reached a crescendo, which both keeps our established growers in business and encourages new growers to begin. And you, our customers, keep coming back for more and telling your friends. Thank you!

We will be taking next week off from market, so plan ahead for your Thanksgiving meal when ordering this week. There are a number of new products, including about 100 pounds of young carrots from two growers. Pecan season has arrived, and we have nuts from three growers.

We don’t have any turkeys, however. I did manage to find one grower near Greenville, SC, who raises turkeys that meet our market’s standards, but—he sold out in May. May! Maybe next year we’ll be able to get in on that, so you can save your place in line.

We’ll resume our regular dairy schedule the week after Thanksgiving. That means it’ll be three weeks before we’re back at Split Creek. I know some of you order just enough fudge to get you through two weeks, so be sure to grab an extra week’s worth.

Thanks for all your support! We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine.