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Availability for February 1

I heard nothing but good things from you on the new website last week—the switchover was very smooth. I have made a few minor improvements this week, including an RSS feed for the weblog and tweaks to the product listing.

I’ve made some adjustments behind the scenes as well. Most notably, I finished the ability for your accounts to carry balances. There have been times (including last week) when I go to pack up and find a bag of produce that should have gone home with someone. I can now issue you credit, which will be applied to your next order. Likewise, if you come to pick up and forget your money (it happens), I can carry your amount due forward. One thing this means is you’ll soon be able to pre-pay as much as you wish and then “draw down” your balance as you order, and not have to worry about money on Thursdays at all. Using PayPal, we’ll even be able to take charge cards. More on all that later…

This week looks much like last week, with the addition of dairy products. We’re visiting Split Creek for their excellent goat cheeses, milk and fudge. We’ll also swing by Diamond Hill for their raw Jersey cow’s milk. We’ve also go lettuces, beets, mustard, broccoli greens, and other items fro McMullan Family Farm, Mills Farm, Songbird Designs, and TaylOrganics.

Thanks for all your support, and we’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 7pm at Gosford Wine.