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Availability for December 4

Welcome back from our Thanksgiving hiatus! We have one more week off planned for Christmas week, but until then we’re back open.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I’m writing this from I24 somewhere in middle Tennessee while my wife drives us back from a few days with my family in Missouri. We only get up there once a yet at best, and we had a really nice visit.

There is some exciting news to report this week. We have had three South Carolina dairies offering Grade A Unpasteurized milk for some time, but without getting into the whole raw milk debate, I know there are a good number of you for whom raw milk is not an option. Enter Johnston Family Dairy from Morgan County, Georgia. They have just opened their on-farm Grade A low-heat pastuerization facility and are now offering their milk from pastured Jersey cows through Athens Locally Grown. They have a great website of their own, which you can find linked to on their info page on our “Our Growers” section.

There a great many other new products, including a new egg producer, but since I’m writing this on my cell phone, I’ll leave it to you to find them on the “New Products” carousel. Thanks so much for your continued support, and special thanks to those of you who wrote me to tell of how Athens Locally Grown fit into your Thanksgiving celebrations. That meant a lot to me. Also, thanks to all of you fpr your patience at our last pickup. Our two largeat deliveries arrived late, throwing everything akimbo, and making some of you wait much longer than normal Thanks to your patience and a few membets who jumped in to fill orders, we finally did get caugjt up. We’ll see you Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at the old farmers market on Broad Street!