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Availability for September 25

We had a great day today at Backyard Harvest, where Boo & Becky Rothberg gave us a full tour of their beautiful farm, let us help them plant and mulch, and even cooked us some lunch using ingredients we brought in from the gardens ourselves. It was the last of our “Farmer For a Day” events for the year, but I’m sure we’ll have a new lineup of hosting farms for you next spring.

There is one more event coming up, held at my place in Royston on October 18th. Where the Farmer for a Day events were open to the general public as a way to help spread the word about Locally Grown, my “Hunter’s Moon Feast” is just for you, our market members, to celebrate another fantastic year of Athens Locally Grown (our seventh!). The feast is free, but we do ask that you make reservations (look in the “Event Reservations” category) and bring a dish to share.

With the nights dropping down into the fifties, the summer produce is really starting to slow down. There’s still a great variety of tomatoes, for example, but the overall quantity is dropping fast. You’ll have a couple more weeks to gorge yourself on heirloom tomato sandwiches (eaten over the sink since the juice drips down your elbows, naturally) before they vanish until next summer. Such is the nature of eating seasonally, but on the upside the absence of a top notch tomato might prod you into discovering a fall item just coming into season that’s just as great (in a different way) that might have otherwise gotten overlooked. Take a look at our growers’ winter squash and pumpkin selections for some inspiration. There are some true gems listed among those.

As always, thank you all for your continuing support. Thanks to that, we have been able to go year round for the past three winters, and this year looks to be no exception. There are at least two weeks we’ll be taking off (both Thanksgiving and Christmas are on Thursdays this year), but other than that, we don’t anticipate any long periods of downtime.

We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at the old farmers market on Broad Street. And remember: if you’re not there by 8pm, your items will be given away and your account will be charged for their total. See our Q’s & A’s page for more information on why. There have been several customers each week lately this has applied to, and I hate to see that for a number of reasons.