Ephemeral Kitchen

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

My name is Sarah Lockman and I am a preservationist of local produce. I make jams, jellies and shrubs using farm-fresh fruit from growers such as Woodland Gardens, Foster-Brady farms, NEFOG, Rhonda’s blueberries, The Veggie Patch and Thomas Orchards. All of my preserves are low sugar and I make my own pectin from Georgia apples. Each preserve and shrub is paired with herbs (many that I grow)to subtly enhance and complement the true fruit flavor. Varieties include: peach lavender, blueberry ginger, blackberry bay, fig bergamot, and strawberry tarragon plus many more! I recently obtained a cottage license and will be selling at several Holiday markets but have had many requests for other retail outlets, I think locally grown would be a great fit!
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