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Greetings from John and Leslie Lawson…..
We are ‘Blackbriar Farms’. We raise pastured heritage breeds (beef, lamb, eggs & chicken)and are busy building a sustainable farm to provide healthy, fresh, great tasting meats & produce to the locavores in the Athens area. Our farm is 94 acres located well off the beaten path in Crawford, Georgia. We are also a CNG (‘Certified Naturally Grown’) farm, taking it a step beyond organic and WAPF members.

Everything at Blackbriar Farms is sustainably raised, grown and made. We respect the environment and handle our animals humanely and with the respect they deserve. We have a herd of Heritage Irish Dexter cattle and a herd of Heritage Katahdin sheep. These wonderful animals produce our delicious grass-fed pastured beef and lamb. We also have fresh eggs from our large flock of free ranging Heritage Plymouth Rock & Australorp chickens. Why Heritage breeds? To conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock, ensuring the future of agriculture through genetic conservation of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry.

We grow an assortment of vegetables and cutting flowers as well as heirloom seedlings. A small mixed-orchard with peaches, pears, apples and cherries…some figs, blueberries, and more have all been planted or are in the works. Persimmons grow naturally on the farm as well as black berries.

We make assorted organic beauty products, green household cleaners & pest control products. In the studios we make jewelry, art, birdhouses and decorative objects. We make worm composting boxes which are for sale on Locally Grown and you must try our fruit-fly traps!

Egg Candler’s license # 5387

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