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Availability for August 21

Last week was a record week for Athens Locally Grown all around. Total sales, number of orders, number of products available, pretty much every measure blew past our previous records by 10% or more. There was a long line at times on Thursday, but we had more workers filling orders than ever before, and the line seemed to move fairly quickly. It seemed that way to me, anyway, and I hope your experience was the same. We’ll continue to adapt our end of things as needed to match the growth.

There were a number of new faces picking up orders last week. The new school year always brings Athens more people looking for what our growers provide, and we welcome you all! The other markets and CSAs have in the past started to taper out in the early fall, but we keep right on going year round. Indeed, except for a traditional late August lull, fall tends to be our biggest season.

Next Saturday is our next “Farmer for a Day” event, hosted this month by Cedar Grove Farm. We spend a couple hours in the morning doing easy farm tasks that benefit from many hands, have lunch on the farm, and then take a full tour. The event is free (including lunch) but we do ask that you make reservations. You can do so by adding the reservations to your order, and you can find more details about this and upcoming events in the “Event Reservations” category.

Thanks again for all of your support! We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30pm to 8pm at the old state farmers market on Broad Street.