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Availability for June 19

First off, thank you all for your patience with our late start last week, due to our delivery truck breaking down. It developed a leak in the cooling system, and that’s no good even when it’s not 100 degrees out. We were able to get it home, and it’s now sitting at our local Ford mechanic. We certainly hope they’re able to get her all patched up before Thursday.

This is scheduled to be our last week at Gosford Wine. We’ll bid them a fond farewell this week, and then move on the 26th around the corner to the old farmer market structure on Broad Street. I’ll be sending out full directions and information in a few days in a separate email. The important thing is: we will be at Gosford this week.

Also this week is our June “Farmer for a Day” event. We’re being hosted this Saturday by Dancing Sprout Farm, located within Athens. We’ll start at 10am on Saturday helping Geoff & Lisa Lewis with small projects around the farm, then break for lunch, and afterward Geoff & Lisa will take us on a full tour. The event is free, but we do ask that you make reservations due to the limited amount of space (and food at lunch). You can add reservations with your order – look in the “Event Reservations” category. You’ll also notice a small banner graphic at the top of every page on the website – you can click on that to see more information about our full summer lineup of “Farmer for a Day” events.

And now, on to the produce. It’s still a little early for non-greenhouse tomatoes, but you’ll see some varieties beginning to make an appearance this week. The beans are also coming on strong, as well as the garlic, potatoes, some peppers, and lots of other goodies.

Thank you for all your support, and we’ll see you one last time at Gosford Wine from 4:30 to 8pm!