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Availability for June 5

Right on cue as we hit June, the listings this week see the tapering off of the Spring items and a growing number of summer veggies, including the season’s first beans and peppers, a wider variety of squash, and quite a few tomatoes. Right now there re 430 items total, and the “new products” carousel is full of items to browse through.

A number of us had quite a rewarding and inspiring time at our first “farmer for a day” event way out at Nature’s Harmony Farm in Elberton. The energy and enthusiasm of the Youngs is infectious, and the quality of life of the farm animals was evident. Our next event will be June 21 at Dancing Sprout Farm in Athens, and you’re able to begin making reservations for that event now.

We’re still planning on moving to the old Farmers Market building on Broad Street, but we’re waiting on word as to when exactly we can make the move. The earliest would be June 19, and it may even be later than that. I’ll be sure to tell you all when we set a date, but for the time being we’re keeping things at Gosford. Hopefully with school out, parking is a tiny bit better there.

Thanks so much for all the support you give both Athens Locally Grown and all the member growers. I say it a lot, but it’s true that without you, none of this would be possible. We’ll see you Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine!