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Availability for December 20

This is our last pickup before Christmas, and besides lots of items available for your holiday feast, there are a good number of gift possibilities available too.

TaylOrganics gave us a fresh supply of their processed jams, juices, and other foods. Split Creek Dairy has cheeses, fudge, and dairy gift baskets. Five or six different people are offering soaps, candles, and other pleasantries, And of course we offer gift certificates if you want to give the gift of Locally Grown.

There are some new items this week. One is something several of you have been asking about: low-fat raw cow’s milk. Milky Way Dairy now has gallons of 1-2% milk available—the regular milk is about 4-5% fat.

I’ve been making steady improvements to the website over the last year, but many of them have been on the back end. Two new things that affect you this week are 1) you can now stay logged in by checking the “remember me” box on the log in page. This will keep you logged in on that computer for three years, unless you specifically log back out. 2) the growers now have an option to share their contact info with you. If a grower decides to do this, you’ll find an email address and phone number on the “View Details” page for that grower. Use this info wisely.

Several of you have reported not getting emails from the website the last few weeks. Over Thanksgiving, I moved the site to a set of much faster, better computers. After the move, some of your email providers marked the mail sent to you as “junk” and rejected it, before you even got a chance to see it. The Sunday email has some “spammy” qualities to begin with, but I’ve been doing everything I can to make my computers appear more trustworthy to yours.

Once last thing: we will be open next week, so you dairy customers do not have to buy two weeks of milk this week.

Thanks for all your support, and we’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine!