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Availability for December 13

Well, Spring is here! Afternoons in the upper 70s, clear skies, shorts and T-shirts… seems like spring to me, anyway. I was out working in the gardens today, and had to resist the urge to start planting.

I don’t know what the weather will do to all the cold-weather greens growing right now. So long as we don’t get a quick freeze, they should be OK. The spring bugs are stating to hatch, though, and at least one grower had to de-list all their greens because the bugs got to them first. It’d be nice if we do get another freeze fairly soon, because maybe we’ll have fewer bugs when the real spring rolls around.

Anyway, we’ve got a good number of items listed this week. There are some new items, including turnips and a few dozen eggs from a farm near Farmington that’s listing with us for the first time.

Several of you have asked about Christmas week. We’re planning on being open both the week before and the week of Christmas, so you won’t need to stock up on eggs and dairy.

Finally, I want to remind everyone about our pickup policy. We are only open for pickups between 4:30 to 8pm on Thursday. We cannot deliver, and cannot hold your items beyond 8pm unless we’ve made prior arrangements with you. I pay all of the growers on your behalf for the items you ordered at 4pm on Thursdays, so you will be charged for your order even if you do not show up to get it. I had over $150 in unclaimed items left over last week, including several items other people went home without, and I hate to see that on many levels. My cell number is 706 248 1860. Program it into your phone if you need to, and make sure the phone number you have listed on your account is one where you can be reached at 7:30 on Thursdays if at all possible, so I can give you a reminder call if you haven’t yet arrived.

Thanks for all your support! We’ll see you on Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine.