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Availability for July 19

Summer keeps rolling right along. We’ve got a few new items on the website this week, but in general all the summer stuff is coming in. We’ll see some variety in the upcoming weeks as specific varieties and successive plantings come in (especially peppers and eggplant), but this is for the most part our summer list.

For those of you in your first Georgia summer, prepare yourselves for a dearth of products next month. Unless the weather cooperates just right, production always falls off to next to nothing for a few weeks in late August, as it just gets too hot for blossoms to set fruit on most everything but okra. The slowdown lasts for a few weeks, and then it cools down just enough to get everything going again until frost. Fair warning!

There was enough interest in the cookbook “Farmer John’s Real Dirt on Vegetables” that I went ahead and ordered a couple cases of them. It looks like they’ll run $22 (as opposed to the $30 store price) and they’ll even come with a free DVD of a PBS series episode they were featured in.

And speaking of TV shows, on more or less of a lark I decided to audition for a Food Network TV show. It was a fun little project my wife and I filmed in our garden over the weekend. The final video (unless I edit it a bit more) can be seen here. It’s three minutes of me making a “North Georgia Beef Stroganoff” using ingredients I bought through Locally Grown. I had to cut a lot of things to get it down to the allowed three minutes, but I think I got across the notion of local food. I think that’d make a great premise for a cooking show.

We all thank you for your support, and we’ll see you Thursday from 4:30 to 8pm at Gosford Wine!