Vegetable_broth Broth - Vegetable
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Cabbage broth is known for its healing properties - it is soothing, promotes bowel health and supports weight loss. Our Vegetable Broth is made mainly from from organic cabbage with other vegetables and even our own ferments! We add our sauerkraut and pickle brine to it (yes, it very Russian :) It is delicious to drink as it is - just a cup of hot broth, it can be a wonderful soup base or as an ingredient in any recipe that calls for vegetable broth! 32 FL OZ Ingredients: Water, Cabbage*, Carrots*, Celery, Onions*, Tomatoes*, Garlic*, Dill*, Sunflower Oil*, Salt, Sauerkraut (Cabbage*, Himalayan Pink Salt), Pickle Brine (Cucumbers, Purified Water, Garlic, Onions, Horseradish, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dill, Red Pepper, Coriander, All Spice, Cloves, Bay Leaf) *Organic Ingredients Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Compostable Paper Packaging!