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*Athens Locally Grown Gift Certificates
Grower: Athens Locally Grown
Price: $1.00 ( 1 dollar )
Available (Estimated): 10

Buy produce for someone else! Sold in increments of one dollar -- place a number equal to the dollar amount ... more
All-Purpose Soothing Salve - with Lavender & Chamomile
Grower: The Family Apothecary
Price: $10.75 ( 1.4 oz tin )
Available (Exact): 10

The Family Apothecary's Organic, All Purpose Salve is the perfect addition to your family's arsenal of healing products. It's great ... more
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 5 oz. )
Available (Estimated): -2

Fresh arugula. Excellent raw in salads or added to stir-fries and pizza. more
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $2.50 ( 4 oz )
Available (Exact): 3

New spring 2018 crop of baby tender leaves with robust, peppery flavor
Grower: The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms LLC
Price: $2.50 ( 4 ounces )
Available (Estimated): 1
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Delicious young and tender leaves with a pungent flavor. more
Grower: Burnell Farms
Price: $2.00 ( 6oz )
Available (Exact): 9

Tender leaves, great in salads and on sandwiches.
Asian greens - Bok Choy
Grower: R&R Secret Farm
Price: $3.00 ( head )
Available (Exact): 19

Tender and delicious. Great in stir-frys or chopped thin for a salad. more
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 1/2 pound )
Available (Exact): 0
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Spring 2019 asparagus harvest from Green Acres Farm. Large thick spears of Jersey Knight and Jersey Supreme asparagus ready for ... more
Asparagus - Purple Passion
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 1/2 pound )
Available (Exact): 0

Asparagus is extremely nutritious and has many health benefits. Purple Passion has many similar characteristics to green asparagus. The deep ... more
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $5.50 ( 1/2 lb. )
Available (Estimated): 5
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Beautiful fresh, asparagus. Enjoy roasted, fresh, or grilled. more