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Grower: The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms LLC
Price: $2.50 ( 4 ounces )
Available (Estimated): 5
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Delicious young and tender leaves with a pungent flavor. more
Arugula - Baby
Grower: Sundance Family Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 2oz. )
Available (Estimated): 0

Young plants of tasty arugula.
Asian Greens - Buthi greens
Grower: Mill Gap Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 8oz )
Available (Exact): 3

Buthi is a type of vining gourd common in Burma. This is the leaf and vine tips. Break the vine ... more
Asian Greens- White Stem Tatsoi
Grower: Mill Gap Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 4oz. )
Available (Estimated): -3

Small, dark green leaves. Quickly stir fry with soy or tamari sauce and a little sauteed ginger and garlic and ... more
Beans - Lima
Grower: The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms LLC
Price: $3.00 ( 1/2 lb )
Available (Estimated): 2

Beans - Rattlesnake pole bean
Grower: Mill Gap Farm
Price: $2.25 ( 1/2 lb. )
Available (Exact): 4

Stringless and tender beans. Sweet with great flavor. more
Bitter Melon
Grower: Sunrise Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 2

Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd health benefits includes managing blood sugar and treating diabetes, enhancing body immunity, hemorrhoid relief, help ... more
Cactus squash (Chayote)
Grower: Sunrise Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 2

Chayote may not be as popular as other vegetables, but it actually has a very good track record when it ... more
Chayote squash Tips
Grower: Sunrise Farm
Price: $3.50 ( 8 oz )
Available (Estimated): 2

Kale is so 2013. Cauliflower has had its day in the sun. The new vegetable that has people and Pinterest ... more
Corn - Baby Corn
Grower: Mill Gap Farm
Price: $1.00 ( 4ea )
Available (Exact): 2

Baby corn is finger size sweet and juicy. Great to shuck and eat raw like candy or add to salad. ... more