Grove Creek Farm

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June 25, 2018- We are taking a small break from retail sales while we anticipate the birth of our 2nd child any day now!

We hope to be back to delivering weekly in August or September 2018. Meanwhile, feel free to follow us on Facebook and be sure to look at our Website for more information about the farm.

Heritage Grassfed Beef raised with care in the Georgia Piedmont
Grove Creek Farm, located near Athens, GA offers grass-fed beef from our herd of heritage Pineywoods and Hereford Cattle. Our cattle are raised on the farm from birth and are on pasture their entire lives. They are never confined and never administered growth hormones. They live an active, clean, natural life and are finished for beef on a variety of seasonal forages. We treat our animals gently with the same respect and care we treat our land. Our farm actively participates in the following organizations:

The Georgia Forage and Grassland Council

Georgia Grown

The Livestock Conservancy

The Georgia Cattlemen’s Association

Pineywoods Cattle Breeders Association

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