Cherokee Moon


Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

We grow herbs, and brew Georgia Apple Cider Vinegar that we ferment into medicinal bitters, shrubs, digestifs and tonics. We are a cottage industry licensed vinegar company making real, Georgia Apple Ciders, and further fermenting them into delicious living – apothecary style vinegars. We grow or forage almost all of our herbs around Athens and we sell the finished brews in 6oz medicine bottles.

Our Products Include:
- Georgia Blueberry Fennel Digestif
- Wild Prickly Pear & Georgia Ginger Shrub
- Yellow Dock & Magnolia Bitters
- Honeysuckle & Habanero Fire Cider
- Zen Vin – Anxiety Tonic

We have a rotating seasonal cast of medicinal brews, and starting Dec. 1st we will also have 12.75 oz bottles of straight Georgia Apple Cider Vinegar and Sorghum Cider Vinegars. We would love to participate in this awesome market!

Almeta Tulloss & Nicole Bluh
Cherokee Moon Mixology
2016 Slow Food Atlanta Food Artisans of the Year

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