Seeds & Stems Farm

Website: www.seedsandstemsfarm.com

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Seeds and Stems Farm produces naturally grown vegetables, fruit and cut flowers, as well as live plants, while preserving the integrity of the natural environment in which we grow, and providing superior products at reasonable prices so that they may be available to all members of the northeast Georgia community.
Seeds and Stems Farm is a 20 acre, naturally grown vegetable, fruit and cut flower operation. We utilize 5 acres of this land for the cultivation of our products broken down into 2 acres of directly planted rows of vegetables, fruit and flowers, 2 acres in cover to be rotated and planted seasonally, and 1 acre of live plant cultivation and production consisting of flower and fruit starts.
On our Farm we use minimum tillage, varied cover cropping, and we rotate our plots to maximize soil health. We use drip and other micro irrigation systems for ideal water efficiency. Our fertilizers are all plant or animal derived and we compost our field waste and animal waste. We use straw and plastic mulch to maximize water uptake and retention and to minimize weeds and erosion.
We love our jobs and and are so happy to be able to share what we do with our community. For us, farming is a job that is varied and interesting on a daily basis. It is a profession that rewards effort and investment both immediately and over time. We are able to work outside every day and continually expand our expertise and in turn our goals.

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