The Soap Kitchen

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We are a small ‘hands-on’ business located in Danielsville, GA. Specializing in Saponified Oil and Glycerine Soaps. We lean towards Products which contain beneficial ingredients ranging from Oils, Herbs, plant leaves/buds and many varieties of Sea Clay. We use Organic and Natural ingredients where available. We do not label our products as Organic.

We have a large selection ‘hard-to-find’ seasonal Hummingbird, Butterfly and Bee attracting plants. We also produce a large variety of Airplants, Bromeliads, and Neoregelias in our Greenhouse in Danielsville,GA.

During the Holiday Season, we create Craft Items & Craft Assortments using Soap and Plants!

We also have a line of Hickory Smoked, locally grown, Beef Dog Bones and Ribs. This product displays the ‘Georgia Grown’ GA Dept of Agriculture label.

Have a Good Day!
The Soap Kitchen
Danielsville, GA
-Bob Owens

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