Crazy Goat Farms LLC


Crazy Goat Farms, is a newly created farm in northeast Madison County, Georgia. The focus is to grow vegetables, raise bees, raise chickens, produce eggs, and raise cattle in a natural and organic setting. The farm has not been in production in over 10 years, so it is ripe for a focus on natural grown. I am the sole production person on the farm and only am focusing on cage free eggs and pasture forage chickens at the moment. I will be adding to the farming activities next spring with vegetables and fruits and a bee apiary.

Additionally, I will be producing soaps and cottage food items. I am a former culinary educator, Certified Culinary Educator, and Chef de Cuisine. I have been involved with food production for more than 35 years. The cottage items I am focusing on at moment are cakes, pies, confections, and jams. I have an active cottage license and Candler’s license. I will be seeking a Certified Natural Grown status in the upcoming months. It is, too, very important for the farm to be sustainable in both production and conservation. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in the production of any products here at the Crazy Goat Farms.

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