Athens Land Trust Farms, LLC

Website: www.athenslandtrust.org

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Athens Land Trust Farms has a three-part mission:

1) Grow and market affordable food products to the residents and businesses in the community utilizing organic and sustainable production methods. 2) Serve as a model whereby the community will be able to learn about the importance of sustainable farming, healthy diets, and the value of smart and equitable land use. 3) Provide employment and skill-building opportunities to at-risk youth and low-income people while contributing to the local economy.

We are currently growing in two locations. Thanks to the generosity of the Clarke County School District, in March of 2012 the Athens Land Trust broke ground on Athens’ first-ever community-based urban farm, located on the former playground of the historic West Broad School. The West Broad Market Garden is a 1/2-acre production oriented, Certified Naturally Grown urban farm utilizing Biointensive growing methods to support a twice weekly produce stand. We are also growing at Williams Farm, a five-acre urban farm located very close to downtown, where ALT is creating a center for healthy food production and agricultural education.

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