Twelve Stones Farm

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Joshua 3:9 – 4:24

First and Foremost: Putting God before all esle.

An Immediate Second: Treating every animal and creature on this small farm with respect and dignity. Right down to companion planting The Family Garden and supplying enough hummingbird feeders to keep as manyas possible from moving on as they eat all the tiny, annoying bugs (think mosquitoes) that cause us so much summertime misery! (This does not include snakes, who would suck every egg from every hen every day if they could.) A bat can eat 1000 mosquitoes an hour and we’re going to be building bat houses to attract more of them than the few we see in twilight hours. We’re also trying to attract Purple Martins. They also eat mosquitoes plus the larger insects.

With the winters being so mild these last years, the pest insects are so plentiful this will be the first year I don’t feed the wild birds any seed. In winter, yes, but the bugs are just exploding in number this year.

Every breed of chicken is carefully selected and each one has a purpose. Each breed and species of animal was chosen or attracted for calm temperament, amiability and to fill its own niche in this symbiotic community. There’s enough strife and contention in the world… our home and land need to be peaceful.

About Our Farm

Food and forage are also of utmost importance. Healthy animals need a layer of fat, clean places to sleep that are cozy and plenty of chilly well water on hot days.

Non-GM, non soy feeds and organic produce/meats (chickens are NOT, by nature, VEGETARIAN!) are what our chickens eat.

We will be specializing in heritage breed birds that produce a rainbow in your carton.

Right at the moment we’re in a transitional phase, but will soon have three Black Copper Marans Biddies (that was all we could order within any reasonable time frame for their delivery from My Pet Chicken). We want, at a minimum, a total of at least six BCMs hens and a roo. These lovely, large and calm birds take seven months to reach maturity and begin laying. They are a dig-deep-in-your-pockets investment!

Due to improvements (all repurposed from materials already on the property) to the barn, we now have to ability to separate specific breeds in order to stuff some fertile eggs under a broody hen or two, or, have a Winter Coop and Summer Coop. We are currently saving for a misting system to keep them all cooler in the heat of summer and will soon paint the roof with ‘cooling paint’. Cooler Ladies lay better. Just like human Ladies giving birth all over the world, the cooler the better!

This is currently a work in progress. Check back for more information as I get the time to edit and inform you of Just Who We Are.

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