Soaring Hawk Farm

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First and foremost: Treating every animal on this small homestead with respect and dignity. Every creature was carefully chosen and each one has a purpose. Each breed and species was selected for calm temperament and amiability. There’s enough strife and contention in the world… my home and land need to be peaceful.

Food and forage are also of utmost importance. Healthy animals need a layer of fat, clean places to sleep that are cozy and plenty of chilly well water on hot days.

Non-GM, non soy feeds and organic produce/meats (chickens are NOT, by nature, VEGETARIAN!) are what the chooks eat. The goats and now have their own non-GM, non soy line of feed, as well! Please refer to our ‘Yard Birds’ page for more information. Also, the soap site is now up! Settle into a comfy chair and visit for a bit: Soaring Hawk Soaps.

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