Tagyerit Farm

At Tagyerit Farm we believe that happy animals equal better food. We allow our animals to lead lives as natural to their species as possible. We currently raise pastured poultry and pork.

Our meat chickens are a slower growing meat breed called Freedom Rangers. They live in pastures on our farm in portable shelters with electrified netting around them, to protect the birds from predators while allowing the chickens to come and go as they please. They are fed a natural, non medicated commercial feed, and since this breed is a better forager than most other meat chickens, all the bugs, fresh grass, and seeds they can find. The result is a chicken that is higher in nutritional value, with a succulent and old fashioned chicken taste and texture that you can’t find in other modern meat chickens.

We raise our pigs in rotating pens on our pastures in the Spring and Summer, allowing them to feast on thistles, blackberries, and the various grasses and legumes growing there. They are helping us improve and clear our land, and they get a tasty feast for their efforts. In the Fall we move them to the woods to eat acorns and under our many persimmon trees where they enjoy their favorite fruit.

They are also fed natural, non medicated pig feed and whey from a local creamery when they’re growing, and finished on grain and whey. Whey is rich in vitamins, minerals and is high in protein and “good” fats. Whey’s good for the hogs, which is good for you! Aside from the nutritional qualities of it, whey is the icing on the cake when it comes to the best tasting meat you can buy. Our meat has great Water Holding Capacity, which means that when you put that thick slab of a pork chop on the grill it’s going to sear in the natural juices of the meat, providing you the juiciest, most tender pork around.

All of our hogs are heritage breeds or crosses of two heritage breeds. Our purebred Berkshire, Berk/Tamworth, and Berk/Large Black hogs are bred and born here, and we also have cuts from purebred Tamworth and purebred Duroc hogs from two herds we bought early this year and raised from weanlings. Meat from any of our hogs is dark red, well marbled, and is unbelievably tender and delicious. And since stress is known to affect the quality of the meat, and hauling them is a source of stress, we are very fortunate that our Animal Welfare Approved butcher is just an hour down the road in Dearing, Ga.

We start with healthy, strong animals and through much hard work and love, maintain their health naturally. We do not give our meat animals any antibiotics, in their feed or by other means. Nor do we use chemical wormers, but rely on natural alternatives that are highly effective, but do not promote parasite resistance.

Thank you for taking time to check us out.

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