Little Cuckoo Chocolate Company


Offering hand-rolled truffles, salted caramels, and assorted creams, Little Cuckoo uses only the finest ingredients – 100% real chocolate (rather than confectionary coating), fresh herbs, organic ingredients whenever possible, and enjoys experimenting with unique flavor combinations. Unparalleled quality is Little Cuckoo’s guiding philosophy, and we take pride in offering our customers the superior chocolate experience they’ve come to expect from our exquisite and ever-evolving craft.

Amanda Jane Crouse, owner of Little Cuckoo LLC, began her career as a chocolatier in 1999 while working at the Old Mill Chocolate Shoppe in Athens, Ga. After three years filled with inspiration, seeing the joy that gourmet chocolates brought to her customers faces, and learning the craft using the century-old recipes at her fingertips, Amanda decided to embark on her own journey in the chocolate business. In 2007, Amanda co-created White Tiger Gourmet, a restaurant in the historic Boulevard neighborhood, where she sold her fine handmade chocolates until the summer of 2010, when Little Cuckoo was born.

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