Hickory Hill Farm

Website: hickoryhillfarmga.com

USDA Certified Organic

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Garry and Susan Shaw
Hickory Hill Farm is a local family farm, owned and operated by Garry and Susan Shaw. We are located in northeastern Oglethorpe County in the community known to the locals as “The” Glade. The farm is a 204 acre tract of land with 5 acres currently in garden. Our farm has been in Susan’s family since the 1800’s. We raise Black Angus Cattle for both reproduction and beef, Hampshire Sheep, Boer Goats and soon to be adding free range chickens for broilers and layers.

As full time farmers we are dedicated to natural growing methods and sustainable agricultural practices. We only use natural methods to grow our crops and to control insects and weeds. We believe that knowing your farmer and his farming practices is an essential part of a healthier and happier life.

Hickory Hill Farm is Certified Naturally Grown and as of August 2011 USDA Certified Organic.

You can also meet us every Saturday morning from April through December at the Athens Farmers Market!

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