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Our Farm, B&G Devon Beef Farm, is located in Madison,Ga. We were incorporated in 1977 and have been a family-run farm since.

1. We have Devonshire/Hereford Beef, which is the original natural grass fed beefs, and is known for being low in fat and calories. Imported from England in 1623, this is the most appreciated, healthy beef known to mankind.

2. Berkshire Pork is the most popular pork product on the market because of its lean healthy meat.We also cross breed the Berkshire with a old Heritage Breed Mulefoot which is an orginal breed of Hogs known for the meat that is a dark red you cannot tell it from Beef.

3. Pastured Poultry – This is a new venture so naturally we try to strive to have the very best – we choose the Cornish Cross breed because they produce quickly on pasture and feed that is free of all antibotics, growth hormones etc, the best of the decision is our chickens are processed at our USDA Certified Processing Plant – complete Supervised and Vaccum Packed for freshness.

We strive to uphold our reputation and to be good stewards of the land, having been in business for the last 30 years.

Thanks, Lynda Brady and John Brady

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