D0da578c-b4b5-4fb3-bbbc-09b03ebb1491 Jelly- Pepper Jelly
Grower: Figgy Pig Preserves and Confections
Price: $6.00 ( 1 Half Pint Jar)
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Sweet, tangy, and a wee bit spicy, this pepper jelly is great for a variety of applications. Pour it over cream cheese and serve with crackers for an appetizer, or slather it on a chicken biscuit for breakfast. Orange, purple, and white bell peppers give this batch a unique orange color and red jalapeños and sugar rush peppers lend a subtle spice. Ingredients: Bell peppers, sugar, hot peppers, cider vinegar, pectin MADE IN A COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION NOT SUBJECT TO STATE FOOD SAFETY INSPECTIONS