94106da3-1936-4ded-80d7-3ae0e6c0461a Jam - Blackberry Mojito
Grower: Figgy Pig Preserves and Confections
Price: $6.00 ( 1 Half Pint Jar)
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Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? So why not make it into jam. No alcohol here, but if I were you I’d look up some jam cocktail recipes and use this as a shortcut to 5 o’clock. If drinks aren’t your jam, you can use it like you would any other jam. My recipe tester (non foodie bestie) used this jam for a PB and J and described it as “surprisingly delicious” and “unique.” Ingredients: Fresh blackberries, sugar, fresh mint, lime juice, lime zest, pectin MADE IN A COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION THAT IS NOT SUBJECT TO STATE FOOD SAFETY INSPECTIONS