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Sale! As featured in BOOM Magazine, Georgia Magazine, and Acres, USA Magazine. Softcover copy of the award-winning book, Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Breed, by Cathy R.Payne, Athens author and grower. Signed copy or personalized on request - make a note to seller when ordering or email When Cathy wanted to read the history of a homestead hog breed she was raising in Elberton, she hit a brick wall. No heritage animal except for horse breeds had a book dedicated to them. She spent the next five years interviewing old-timers to record their history before it was too late. The result is an easy, entertaining and informative read about a wonderful southern hog that will give you a glimpse into 20th-century rural life, and factors leading to the near demise of diverse family farms and the black Guinea Hog. Retail price is $24.99 Support your local authors!