Our_tomatoes_in_general_e Plant - Tomato, Black Prince
Grower: Good Roots of Multiple Choices
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Growing tomatoes in Siberia might be difficult to imagine, but this delicious heirloom hails from there. A fairly early indeterminate tomato, and one that is more apt to set fruit in cool climates, the small, dark-red, slightly pear-shaped fruits begin maturing a little more than 2 months after planting, no matter where you live. Black Prince has been a very productive heirloom in test gardens, yielding from 25 to 40 pounds of tomatoes per plant over a 3-month harvest season. The flavor is worthy of a chef’s table! Vigorous vines grow best in tall cages. Image - A compendium of our Tomatoes. NOTE: Our Tomatoes have been hardened-off to filtered/full sun.