Fullsizeoutput_3e77 Sweet Potatoes - Beauregard - Large
Grower: Buffalo Creek Berry Farm
Price: $3.30 ( 2 lb)
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Super sweet. Washed & Trimmed. Large (avg width about 4+ fingers thickness). These traditional sweet potatoes have a red/brown skin and bright orange interior. Their sweetness is maximised when baked or slow cooked. Small - best for easy chopping into soups, salads, and slow cookers. Medium - best for slicing into round chips for frying or individual baked potatoes. Large - best for mashed by baking or chopping into large pieces for slow cooking. Our favorite way to eat them is baked and then mashed. Heat the oven to 425F, place sweet potatoes (no oil needed, poked with a fork several times along the outside) directly on the middle oven rack, place a sheet of aluminum foil on the lowest rack to catch any drips, and bake for 45min (small), 1hr (medium), and 1hr 15min (large). Turn off the oven and let sit a bit longer or remove immediately. The skin usually removes quite easily. Place baked interior in a bowl and mash, add desired oil/butter and/or salt. Serve as a side or dessert, mix into soups to thicken, or a substitute for traditional mash topping in shepherds pie. We love these potatoes so much that we grow them year after year, keeping some each year to grow slips for the next year.