Snickerdoodlesalg Cookie Dough - Snickerdoodle
Grower: Outlaw Cookies
Price: $10.00 ( 1 dozen)
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Pre-formed cookie dough, frozen and wrapped up, ready to be popped in the oven and enjoyed! Dough is vegan, and can also be eaten raw. Made from a fine kamut flour, mixed with Himalayan salt, a sensible amount of raw sugar, and organic applesauce, then coated in a generous layer of organic Ceylon cinnamon, this Snickerdoodle cookie dough is the Baby-Face Nelson of Outlaw Cookies – nicknamed after their child-like appearance that seems only suitable for the nursery. But cookies aren’t just for kids, and although these Snickerdoodles may look innocent, they’re quick with a spicy shot of cinnamon. The dough is delicious when cut into ice cream, baked at 350 degrees for a few minutes, or eaten frozen as a midnight snack! Add a glass of milk, and you've got a force to be reckoned with. Outlaw Cookies are made in small batches, and keep well in the freezer for a couple months. Made in a facility that also processes wheat, peanuts, and dairy.