Longhorn_okra Okra Seeds - Texas Longhorn
Grower: Sunrise Farm
Price: $2.99 ( 100 bag)
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Cow horn Okra (aka: Texas Longhorn Okra) is a very large Okra variety that grows up to 8 to 14 feet in height and produces a large number of extra large, ribbed medium-green colored pods that reach up to 14 inches in length. The pods have a curved tip and possess a likeness to a cow's horn. Though the edible pods grow to such lengths and sizes, they are best when harvested at 7-8 inch lengths which is when they are still very tender. For the best results, the plants should actually be topped at four feet in height, this will make them bushier and will yield a lot more.... That is...unless you don't mind climbing a ladder to harvest them. Matures in 55 to 60 days. Okra is a hot weather vegetable. Okra seeds are hard. Soak them in water overnight before planting to speed germination.