Nikn Cookie Dough - Chocolate Chip
Grower: Outlaw Cookies
Price: $11.00 ( 1 dozen)
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Pre-formed cookie dough, frozen and wrapped up, ready to be popped in the oven and enjoyed! Dough is vegan, and can also be eaten raw. Made from a fine organic oat flour, mixed with organic coconut oil, organic almond milk, allergen-free chocolate, and raw sugar, this chocolate chip cookie dough is the Al Capone of Outlaw Cookies -- the most wanted of all our flavors. The oat flour adds another nostalgic layer of flavor, but is ground finely so we don't have to sacrifice a smooth texture. Loaded with vanilla, a sensible amount of sugar, and chocolate chips (AND chunks!), our Al Capone Chocolate Chip Cookies are criminally delicious! The dough is delicious when cut into ice cream, baked at 350 degrees for a few minutes, or eaten frozen as a midnight snack! Outlaw Cookies are made in small batches, and keep well in the freezer for a couple months.