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Blackberries - Small pack
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 8 oz )
Available (Exact): 0

These are delicious blackberries. Sweet and firm. more
Blackberries - Wild
Grower: Menagerie Acres
Price: $3.50 ( 12 ounces )
Available (Exact): 1

These are the wild blackberries of the brambles. You don't have to brave the thorns -- all you have to ... more
Blackberries- Navaho
Grower: Green Knee Farm
Price: $5.00 ( 1pt )
Available (Estimated): 10

Big juicy berries some as big as your thumb more
Grower: Green Knee Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 1 pt )
Available (Estimated): 5

Sweet and tangy great for eating right off the bush, on ice cream or in a pie.
Grower: Menagerie Acres
Price: $4.00 ( 16 ounces )
Available (Exact): 3

I love the blueberries of summer, but I think it's time I shared. I save the big ones for you ... more
Grower: The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms LLC
Price: $4.50 ( 1 pint )
Available (Estimated): 1

Red Raspberry - Small Pack
Grower: Green Acres Farm
Price: $3.50 ( 6 oz )
Available (Exact): 5

Spring crop of red raspberries just started ripening this week.